Nostalgic News: Muse’s ‘The Resistance’ is 10 years old


The Resistance, British rock band Muse’s fifth studio album, turns 10 this year.

Led by themes of oppression, revolution, and (like its lead single) uprising, the 11 track concept record fits in with Muse’s early strain of politically charged, classically influenced rock, without being overshadowed by harder-rock infused successors like Drones.

Despite not being the best Muse album out there (Origin of Symmetry and Absolution are arguably the strongest contenders for that spot), it’s ludicrous to think that the record did not birth some of Muse’s most well-known and catchy songs. Namely, ‘Uprising’, ‘Resistance’ and to a point even ‘Undisclosed Desires’; the former two still occupy a regular spot on the band’s setlists, with the first arguably being Muse’s most iconic song.

With lead singer Matt Bellamy’s signature falsetto vocals, its overarching theme of rebellion, and entire-arena-scream-worthy lyrics, it’s an album well worth the listen, even at 10 years old!


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