Nostalgic News: ‘Fight Club’ was released 20 years ago


David Fincher’s Fight Club (1999), a classic in the world of film, now approaches the 20-year milestone since its release.

Following the films protagonist/narrator (Edward Norton) and strange new friend Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), we’re taken on a psychologically questioning journey, full of cleverly warped editing that culminates in an intelligently confusing plot based around two things – soap and fighting. For anyone yet to see Fincher’s masterpiece, they should certainly add it to their list; the fun-fact that Pitt and Norton took boxing and soap-making classes to prepare for its filming adding further appeal.

Considering today’s political climate and resurgence of feminism, the plot’s explicit warning surrounding the dangers that toxic masculinity can bring about may be of particular interest, alongside its highlighting of the severity of certain mental illnesses (dissociative identity disorder); two aspects that are very unique and progressive for a film of its age.

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