Nostalgic News: The first Glee soundtrack was released 10 years ago


Glee is arguably the best television show of the decade, and in terms of romance no show does it better.

Running 2009-2015, the show tested pretty much every romantic pairing possible, also featuring multiple LGBT+ couples. Santana’s heartfelt rendition of ‘Mine’ to Britney connected with a non-mainstream audience, highlighting the pain surrounding coming out. Blaine’s second version of ‘Teenage Dream’ illustrated heartbreak during the downfall of his and Kurt’s relationship. Even Finn and Rachel’s cringey 80s duets were somehow cute, their love blossoming through ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’. Even Schuester’s take on Rocky Horror has its hints of romance, attempting to win back Pillsbury with ‘Creature of the Night’.

Throughout Glee, Friend-mance was also a key component. For instance, when everyone sang ‘Keep Holding On’ to Quinn as it’s revealed that she’s pregnant.

Glee is a quintessential watch for anyone wishing to learn the language of love; showcasing the many forms romance can take.

Watch the video for ‘Don’t Stop Believin” below:


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