Nostalgic News: Gladiator was released 20 years ago


Twenty years ago, Gladiator was released in cinemas, telling the tale of Roman Legionnaire turned titular Gladiator Maximus as he fights for revenge for his murdered family (as the infamous line declares). Its cast stars big names from Russell Crowe as Maximus, to Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) and Connie Nielson (Wonder Woman) and directed by Ridley Scott.

The legacy of the film is not one to dismiss either, with Gladiator winning five Oscars including the coveted Best Picture and Best Costume Design; Gladiator also saw a similar effect to Indiana Jones, and subsequently inspired a rise in the study of Classical history, as well as a revival of the historical epic paving the way for films such as Kingdom of Heaven and 300. Plus, some of its lines have been instantly recognisable.

I just have to ask: Are you not entertained?


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