Nostalgic News: Mrs Dalloway was published 95 years ago


Influential modernist writer Virginia Woolf released her 1925 work Mrs Dalloway 95 years ago today, when she was 43 years old. Mrs Dalloway was her fourth novel, and followed the release of Jacob’s Room just three years earlier. Mrs Dalloway is notable for its interweaved internal monologues, generating unique narrative perspectives, and its memorable characters. Its focus on London emphasised city living post-WW1, and the characters tackle issues ranging from homosexuality to mental illness. Its notoriety is clearly demonstrated in the fact that it was developed into a film in 1997, starring Vanessa Redgrave. Mrs Dalloway is a flawless depiction of all the greatness which modernism held, and there’s no doubt its influence will continue into the future, with undergraduate students still studying the book to this day.

Watch the trailer for the 1997 film adaptation below:


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