Nostalgic News: Sense8 debuted 10 years ago


Sense8, directed by the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski, follows the lives of eight people across the world that are psychically connected, able to inhibit each other’s bodies and on the run from a shady organisation. It’s a weird premise and it’s a struggle to explain the plot of Sense8 in a way that conveys just how interesting, unique and ambitious it is. It’s unlike almost anything else on TV but the at times confusing plot is secondary to the development of Sense8’s large and diverse cast of characters. Even small characters are fully fleshed out, with complex relationships and motivations, and the highlight of the show is watching the eight main character’s form relationships with each other. Sense8’s wide scope allows it to be a showcase of cities and landscapes across the world from Seoul to Berlin to Chicago, as well as playing loosely with loads of different genres. The show is a thriller, but also kind of a sci-fi, it’s dramatic, romantic and really, really funny. Above all Sense8 is well worth checking out.

Watch the trailer below:


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