Keep Busy Productions’ SOCIAL CUES earns selection for The First-Time Filmmaker Showcase


Keep Busy Productions, founded by recently graduated University of Southampton masters-student Kate Briggs-Price, has been selected to have their film SOCIAL CUES shown at The First-Time Filmmaker Showcase.

The First-Time Filmmaker Showcase has been running for 10 years and takes place every year at the famous headquarters of Pinewood Studios, the home of blockbusters such as the James Bond and Star Wars movies. Created by the Lift-Off Global Network, ‘an organisation encompassing worldwide live screening events, distribution initiatives, a seasonal awards ceremony, and an ever growing and active Network of indie film creators’; the showcase is an ‘initiative [that]has been created to give filmmakers on their initial journey the showcase, the tools, the platform and advice to build their careers from the right starting point’. Offering six distinct categories that first-time filmmakers can submit their work to (one being the category of ‘Short Live Action Narratives’ that SOCIAL CUES  was submitted under), each selected project receives a host of help and support including ‘PR & Marketing’ and ‘Feedback from Industry Professionals’. However, if SOCIAL CUES goes on to win the entire event, film-director Briggs-Price will have her film shown in the international Lift-Off Film Festival in cities that include Tokyo and Los Angeles, as well as an invitation to the annual Lift-Off’s Season Awards.

Yet, the film has been making waves in the local Southampton area already. After winning three awards at the University of Southampton Student Film Festival 2020 including Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actress. Furthermore, the short film also earned nominations in many more categories therefore setting a new high standard for films produced at the University of Southampton.

You can visit their website by clicking here or follow their Instagram (@keepbusyproductions) and Twitter (@keepbusyprod) accounts. And watch the film SOCIAL CUES below:


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