Unknown Discount Site, StudentBeans, Offers Discount at Ticketmaster and More


As university students in the UK, we all probably know what it’s like to be tight for money. We’re adults now, and that means we have to pay our own bills, buy our own food and make our own doctors appointments – the previous two both costing a substantial amount of money. As we watch the money in our bank accounts quickly dwindle, we sometimes find ourselves looking longingly at Ticketmaster at all the latest concerts that we now can’t afford. Goodbye Taylor Swift world tour and hello pasta and cheese for the fifth time that week.

But wait… what happens if we could afford those tickets?

It turns out Ticketmaster offer student discount in association with StudentBeans, a company set up in securing exclusive discounts for students around the country. In particular, in StudentBeans’ partnership with Ticketmaster, they are able to offer up to 45% discount on some tickets, making concerts a whole lot more affordable.

But the money-saving doesn’t stop there!

StudentBeans, working to a similar model that the much-loved UNiDAYS adheres to, offer discounts on a variety of experiences and shops. From up to 60% off theatre tickets to £20 Alton Towers tickets, StudentBeans works on getting you a great deal in these costly times. What’s more? In a time where money runs rampantly tight because of COVID-19, it allows students to start helping support businesses that are only scraping by during these trying times. On all counts, it’s a win-win, and the only thing you need to do to start enjoying these great discounts is to create a FREE account!

You can browse the discounts that StudentBeans offer by clicking here.


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