Nostalgic News: Frank Turner’s ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’ was released 5 years ago.


Folk-rock singer-songwriter Frank Turner’s sixth studio album Positive Songs For Negative People (2015) still stands as powerful and influential as it did upon its release 5 years ago. Turner, who now has eight strong but varied albums to his name, released Positive Songs For Negative People as a way to move his style into a new era filled with melancholically uplifting tunes.

Although Positive Songs For Negative People gained popularity with multiple music-based magazines, across the board it appeared to have a mix of critical opinions. The album, however, still reached second place in the UK album charts upon its release and became a great success for Turner, making it a popular choice for songs played at his festival appearances across the UK.

Positive Songs For Negative People boasts the popular single ‘The Next Storm’ alongside the soft, acoustic ‘Get Better’ that aims (and succeeds) in helping listeners feel stronger and more comforted in the struggles they may face. The album offers music as both an escape and a solution from our daily worries.

You can listen to the single ‘The Next Storm’ below:



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