Announcement: The Full Line-Up of The Edgetival


Here at The Edge, we’ve been gearing up to the big release of our Edgetival festival taking place on August 14th-15th which will see us raising money for The Music Venue Trust. An event hosted via streaming on multiple platforms and giving audiences the chance to view performances from groups and individual artists from the comfort of their own home, we’re happy to reveal our full line-up has finally been unveiled.

After a few weeks of building anticipation that started with the reveal of our first act, Edge Of Desire, on July 25th, we’ve slowly released the names of groups and artists who will be joining us in helping raise money for our selected charity. Confirming groups such as SEFTON, The Choco La’s and Leaves in Motion; as well as individual artists such as TEADIE and Lauren May, we’re confident that everyone is in for a great couple of days of live music and having a good time discovering their next favourite artist. You can view the full line-up below.

The charity we have chosen, The Music Venue Trust, was selected this year in particular for its relevance within the current COVID-19 pandemic that has seen many music venues and artists struggling at such an unprecedented period of time. Hoping to give a little back to the places where many of us have had great memories and times with friends, we’re hoping those that join us for the Edgetival will be able to help support and raise money with us during these hard times. Even if you can’t donate yourself, we’re hoping that with enough backing or sharing of this great event, we’ll be able to reach our £1,000 goal and rest soundly, knowing we helped make a contribution to an industry that we want to see survive and flourish during these hard times.

To find out more visit the event’s Facebook page by clicker here. Or help us out by sharing this article or by donating via. our crowdfunding link by clicking here. However, no matter what, don’t forget to join us for a great weekend of live music!


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