Nostalgic News: The Bad Education Movie was released 5 years ago


Class K is back, and in the classic style from the television series, Jack Whitehall’s Alife Wickers gets into shenanigans far more dramatic than ever before.

On a class trip to Cornwall, Wickers causes the typical mayhem when the Cornish Liberation Army (CLA) get involved and suddenly the trip takes a much more dangerous turn than the last hurrah that Alfie promised. Big-name actors such as Ian Glen also make an appearance, as do numerous running gags from the show; and fans are finally given a look at Alfie’s old school chum Atticus Hoye, as well as a look at some wonderful historic locations around Cornwall.

A fantastic blend of comedic beats with dramatic pieces where each main character gets their moment to shine; while Alfie is a bit of a goofy teacher, he does teach the kids nuggets of wisdom that saves their lives in the end.

Watch the trailer for The Bad Education Movie below:


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