Diversity Perform Powerful Black Lives Matter on Britain’s Got Talent


On Saturday 5th September dance troupe diversity performed an incredibly powerful Black Lives Matter routine on Britain’s Got Talent. The routine delves into the biggest illness the world is plagued with, racism. A voice-over accompanied the performance with a man in the future telling his child about the events of 2020 from coronavirus to the Black Lives Matter movement. During the routine we see a police officer kneel on the neck of choreographer Ashley Banjo, echoing the death of George Floyd; and it was an incredibly powerful sight.

The group all took the knee in the performance as Dax’s song ‘Black Lives Matter’ played in the background with the lyrics “I can’t breathe” playing on repeat. The performance was potent and highlights the societal issues with the art of dance.

However, the performance began to have a positive tone as towards the end of the performance we see the voice-over tell his son that the world began to change and that people were not just recovering from coronavirus but the illness of inequality. It conveyed hope and put the Black Lives Matter movement on a global stage for those young and old to see at home.

You can watch the performance below:


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