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After a long hiatus, the weekly roundup is finally back, gathering all the ever-evolving news into one article to bring you up to speed on the entertainment world. We’ve seen Kylie Minogue break records, Ryan Murphy unveils an American Horror Story spin-off series, a recasting of Fantastic Beasts, and even the release of many many Christmas adverts to get us all in that Christmas spirit. Here is this week in news:

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Mads Mikkelsen to Replace Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts 

After it was announced last week that Johnny Depp had been asked to resign from his position as Grindelwald in the upcoming third instalment of the Fantastic Beasts franchise, it is now reported that Mads Mikkelsen is set to assume the role and is currently in talks with Warner Bros.

Johnny Depp had originally played the role of Grindelwald in the previous two instalments, making a small cameo in the first film and then assuming a much more significant role in the second outing. However, during the filming of both films, Johnny Depp’s reputation had taken a substantial hit after ex-wife, Amber Heard, alleged that Depp was abusive in their relationship. In response, The Sun newspaper labelled Depp as a “wife-beater”, which Depp had recently decided to take them to court over for slandering his name. The court case which took place in the leading weeks up to the filming of Fantastic Beasts 3 saw both Heard and Depp giving evidence to the courts in an attempt to shine a light on the abusive relationship the couple had found themselves in. The court ruled in favour of Heard and The Sun. In response to this, Warner Bros. decided to ask Johnny Depp to step down from the role of Grindelwald, while allowing him to keep his promised payment of $10 million. Depp agreed and released the following statement:

Now, in a rush to keep the film on schedule, Warner Bros. has quickly turned to different actors who could possibly fill in for the role, and at current it seems that Mads Mikkelsen may be the studios best pick. Mikkelsen, who has starred in big blockbusters like Doctor Strange (2016) and Casino Royale (2006), notably playing both these film’s main villain, seems like an already perfect fit. As an actor hailing for Denmark, we know he’ll work wonders as the Eastern-European Grindelwald if he lands the part.

Kylie Minogue is the First Woman with Five No.1 Albums in Five Different Decades

Queen of pop (and now potentially disco) Kylie Minogue has broken records as the first woman ever to achieve five number one albums in five separate decades. Marking the landmark achievement with her recently released Disco, Minogue now has at least one number one album in the 20s, 10s, 00s, 90s, and 80s (and we don’t think she’s done just quite yet).

Disco released on Novemeber 6th to good commercial and critical success, with many critics hailing this as a return to form for the singer. Including the hit singles like ‘Say Something‘ and ‘Magic‘, the album’s catchy beats and disco vibes will put anyone in a good mood, and we love it here at The Edge. Why don’t you have a listen ‘Say Something’ below:

Christmas Adverts Make There Way to the Small Screen

As we’re in the middle of Novemeber now and with Halloween and Bonfire night all in the past, that means it’s time for Christmas adverts to start worming their way onto our small screens (whether we like it or not). While there’s a perpetual debate on when is the right time to start thinking about Christmas; big companies like John Lewis, Disney, and Sainsbury’s would all argue now is the right time, releasing adverts to pull on the heartstrings and make us ready for the wintery joy of everyone’s favourite Fatman.

As always on point, John Lewis released their cinematic first advert for Christmas and had the nation collectively ‘awwing’ at the heartwarming watch. Filled with a mixture of different animations, stop-motion and live-action elements, John Lewis really pulled out all the stops to offer us its best on in years. Check it out below:

Disney has also released their newest one, and this one is another doozy in the emotional department. In an almost iconic CGI animated style, Disney brings attention to the multi-culturalism of Christmas and the importance of family, and I’m sure it’s prompted more than a few tears. Watch it below:

Was one Christmas advert not enough for one company though? Don’t worry, Sainsbury’s has you covered. In a line-up of three Christmas adverts, the first one dubbed the ‘Gravy Song’ thrives on a sense of nostalgia and family, favouring a more subtle advertisement style that will surely prompt a few smiles from people watching. The definition of “feel-good”, Sainsbury’s encaptures the Christmas spirit once again. Check out the ‘Gravy Song’ below:

These are just a small selection of the current adverts out there though, and all TV goers will surely be met with an entourage of adverts in the coming days and weeks.

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