Nostalgic News: Gorillaz’ Tomorrow Comes Today was released 20 years ago


‘Tomorrow Comes Today’ is Gorillaz’s first-ever release, releasing as an EP in late 2000 and making its way onto their first self-titled album. Gorillaz took no time getting into their stride as ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’ was then, and is now a quintessential Gorillaz track. A creepy and melancholic song backed up by a strange riff with a melodica, whose odd sound only enhances the intended weirdness. One of the members of the entirely fictional band even supposedly refers to it as sounding ‘Morricone’. It’s a heavy song that is almost more at home on their next album, Demon Days, featuring similar instrumentation and slow fading lyrics. ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’ is a brilliant and dark song about the dangers of technology and an often forgotten gem in Gorillaz’s powerful first three albums.

Watch the music video for ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’ below:


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