Review: Demi Lovato – ‘Cool for the Summer’


In a disastrous attempt to construct a track that is an interesting blend of genres, 'Cool for the Summer' is a mess of a song and a lyrical shambles.

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‘Cool for the Summer’ is the lead single to be taken from Demi Lovato’s upcoming new album, Confident, a follow-up to the artist’s self-titled LP released back in 2013. But the track doesn’t get the album off to the best of starts.

Beginning with a simplistic play of the piano, ‘Cool for the Summer’ almost immediately collapses into a lyrical mess, where Lovato attempts to seduce the listener by singing “tell me what you want,” and “I’m a little curious, too”. These generic lyrics that saturate the track make for a cheap song. The track continues on the awful route the lyrical content paves for it where the song dives into a rock-inspired drop. Rather than being a captivating postmodern innovation, the sound is intrusive, disturbing and messy, not incorporating anything into it at all. The track then falls into a conventional pop sound through its chorus, where it sounds like a prototype for a Katy Perry rejection.

Ultimately, ‘Cool for the Summer’ blends into the background of today’s pop music scene and its attempts at diversification purely result in it becoming a chaotic endeavour with no firm purpose. The only thing it does achieve is make it easier for one to lose yet more hope in 21st century popular music.

‘Cool for the Summer’ is out now via Hollywood Records Inc. & Island Records.


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  1. George Seabrook on

    Your negativity and writing of it is deliciously entertaining Lewis! But J think you’re very wrong, wrong wrong wrong, about this song.
    I don’t think it’s great, it’s only just about good, but still…

  2. Ok it’s nothing special, but it’s no where near as bad as you think. It’s your standard summer pop song. It’s not Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’. You’ve deffo gone OTT with the negativity!

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