Review: Post Louis – ’30m Pool’


Combining soft guitar melodies and silky vocals, '30m Pool' immerses listeners in warm nostalgia.

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’30m Pool’ is the latest release from Post Louis‘ upcoming debut album, softly flowing from a discordant twang of a guitar into a mellow track as guitars and percussion trickle in. Slow paced and chilled out, the track lulls listeners with Stephanie Davin’s soft vocals with lyrics subtly paired with the track’s title, inviting listeners to “watch me jump in”.

With it’s unhurried pace, ’30m Pool’ wonderfully creates a hazy soft rock with pop feel. It wouldn’t be out of place in a teenage coming-of-age film, with its softness creating a warming sense of nostalgia. The delicate guitar melodies paired with Davin’s vocals procure a relaxed track, with enough instrumental bite to hold listeners attention. Jump into ’30m Pool’, you’ll enjoy it.

’30m Pool’ is available to stream now.


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