Music Video Review: Mansionair – ‘Easier’


Beautifully mesmerising monochrome visuals oozing with heartfelt emotion.

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To compliment their beautifully crafted track ‘Easier’ Mansionair have created visuals that ooze with mesmerising and heartfelt emotion, playing with light, monochrome images and, most of all, the fragility of being.

Their first ever released video presents a plethora of light infused visuals as the bodies of a couple transform from droplets of rain to cubist origami-like structures and back again. Combining contemporary dance with modern art, the video portrays the bond between the couple but also their distance as they each find themselves absorbed in “the endless piles of questions […] and the feeling like you’re going nowhere”, explains Mansionair’s Jack Froggat about the track.

As an ethereal light shines on the couple, paired with showers of rain; the pixelated, cubist and blurred couple transgresses the states of total being and lost identity. We see them both shatter and piece themselves back together with each other’s support, giving the viewer an outline of the true subjects of ‘Easier’s narrative. But with this apparent support comes moments of despair between the couple as they are seen in torment, distancing one another due to their own confusion of self and mind, echoing the track’s lyrics “I’m stuck here in my skin, I’m stuck with you”.

Although the visuals are somewhat unchanging, the viewer remains enthralled by the story of this couple who, in each other’s presence and arms, both crumble and are revitalised amongst the anguish of wondering whether things in your life will ever change – as first presented with the track’s lyrics as the narrator is “craving for some feeling”. Both the track and video possess a certain emotional hold on listener/viewer, one that is mesmerising and also tugs at some definite heartstrings.

Mansionair’s ethereal vocals, heartfelt lyrics and synth heavy sounds are both expressed and heightened through their modern, monochrome visuals, shedding light on the vulnerability of their song’s subjects as well as giving them an essence of hope.



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