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I’m a sucker for a good up-and-coming rock band, and YONAKA are no exception. Harking from Brighton, the quartet (singer Theresa Jarvis, guitarist George Edwards, bassist Alex Crosby and drummer Robert Mason) have rolled onto the rock scene. With essences of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Queens of The Stone Age, YONAKA bring a youthful outlook on what modern rock should be; an easy to digest sound, fit for lovers of pop and rock alike, that satisfies the desire for a good backing track, rich in riffs and heavy drum beats, yet with a vocals that wouldn’t go amiss in a pop anthem.

YONAKA first broke onto the rock scene in 2016 with their debut single ‘Ignorance’. For the tone of the single – imagine if Florence and the Machine did rock. The soulful vocals in the chorus contrasted to the more rockesque nuances in the verses shows the two distinct sides of YONAKA’s talent. Fast forward to 2017 and the follow up single ‘Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya’, a song focused around Jarvis’ resent for her absent father (“You’re good as dead to me, wouldn’t take you on your bleeding knees”) shows the distaste towards her so-called father and the strength of those emotions resonate within the single, as there is a tone of anger to both the vocals and the heavier guitar riffs.

Recently, YONAKA have been releasing singles much more frequently, which suggests that there may be a full length album on the horizon. Their latest EP Teach Me To Fly contains the single ‘All Fired Up’, rock’s take on a traditional love song. The catchy tempo of the track is perfect to tap your foot along to, and the highlight of the track is definitely the versatility in Jarvis’ vocals; her ability to switch up the song with the tone of her voice.

So where are YONAKA heading? Hopefully, pretty damn far. They’re signed to one of the biggest record labels out there, Atlantic Records, who work with artists such as Ed Sheeran, Twenty One Pilots and Paramore to name a few. This bodes really well for YONAKA, giving them bigger and better opportunites, such as supporting Bring Me The Horizon on their UK tour this winter. As for what 2019 holds for YONAKA? Who knows, but I’m sure as hell excited about it.

Want to hear more? Check YONAKA out on SoundcloudSpotify  or see them live at Alexandra Palace on 29th & 30th November. YONAKA’s latest EP, Teach Me To Fight, is available now via Asylum Records.


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