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Mura Masa is making waves in the electronic genre at the moment. Following in a similar styling to Alt-J and Flume,  Mura Masa puts his mark on pop or rap vocals and makes them feel unique; mixed beyond genres into a cacophony of sounds to delight the ears. But who is Mura Masa? What makes him special? Does he like pineapple on pizza? Well, hopefully, we’ll find out the answer to at least two of these questions.

Alex Crossman (aka Mura Masa) is a British DJ hailing from the island of Guernsey. At 23 years old, he’s one of the most notable British electro-indie DJ’s in 2019. However, his music career began back in 2014, when his debut track ‘Lotus Eater’ was brought to the masses by Zane Lowe and Annie Mac on BBC Radio One. The following year, Crossman launched his own label, Anchor Point Records. He later released in 2015, his first EP Soundtrack To A Death, which further pushed him into the eye of the public. It was two years later, with his self titled album Mura Masa – which reached top 20 on the UK album charts, that truly pushed him to the forefront of the genre. With big name collaborations, such as Christine and The Queens, Charli XCX and A$AP ROCKY on tracks like ‘Love$ick’, one of the biggest songs off of Mura Masa, which is a harmonic blend of rap, reggae and electronic, which has the power to make even the stiffest head nod with the beat.

Since Mura Masa, what has Crossman done? Well, he’s recently been putting out new music, such as the absolute bop  ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again’ featuring Clairo, a stupendous mish-mash of pop, house, and electro that causes your brain to go into meltdown in a good, sensory overload kinda way.  He’s also been playing festivals up and down the country. All this can only mean one thing, album number two is on the way (a fact which Crossman has confirmed in interviews recently). Given the standard of production and utter genius behind how magically confusing his previous tracks are, the yet-to-be-titled follow-up album is surely one of the releases to watch out for in the coming months.

Also, we don’t know if he likes pineapple on pizza. I guess we’ll never know.

Check out the video for ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again’ Below:


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