This Week In Records (08/12/2019) – Camila Cabello, Harry Styles & Halsey


Hello all! Christmas time is almost upon us and with it we have a whole host of lovely releases.  We finally have the new album from Camila Cabello and a number of funky singles to enjoy while we cry over our deadlines.  We’ve heard from the lovely Harry Styles ahead of his upcoming album, as well as Halsey and Anti-Flag

Camila Cabello – Romance

Although I haven’t been overly convinced by the singles that Camila Cabello has released in anticipation of Romance, the album as a whole has made a much more positive impression on me.  After dominating the summer charts with her steamy duet with Shawn Mendes, the pop sensation is back with a brand-new record.

‘Living Proof’ is a perfect representation of the production paradise of this album.  I admit I am a little bit obsessed with pop production but the quality of mixing really stands out on this album.  It’s no wonder that she’s been all over the charts this year.  Each song has some little unique element to it, making it stand out from the crowd in mainstream pop.  There’s an obvious Latin influence in ‘Should’ve Said It’, a classic feature of Camila Cabello’s music that elevates her flawless vocals.

Like I said, I wasn’t expecting to be so pleasantly surprised by Romance, and I think that there are songs that could have better represented the album instead of ‘Easy’ and ‘Cry For Me’.  But if you weren’t sold on what you had heard so far, think back on her highlights this year like ‘Senorita’ and ‘Find U Again’, which more honestly reflect the unique spark on Romance.  This record is definitely full of tracks you can sing along to.

Camila Cabello’s Romance is out now via Epic Records.

Harry Styles – ‘Adore You’

The time is fast approaching until we hear Harry Style’s second album on 13th December, which in my opinion should be a national holiday.  This one, accompanied by a Rosalía-narrated music video, is a pop gem that will make you emotional over a fish.  The upcoming Fine Line is set to be just as much of a musical success as its predecessor.  ‘Adore You’ is a testament to Harry Styles’ unceasing ability to create a good pop song; it’s upbeat and fits well with the vibe that has been set by ‘Watermelon Sugar’.  Is Harry Styles about to sweep in and release the album of the year?

Harry Styles’ ‘Adore You’ is out now via Columbia Records.

Halsey – ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’

This is a single from another album that I couldn’t be more excited for.  Halsey has been taking over the charts in an unstoppable way this year, most recently with ‘Graveyard’, but ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ shows off her more subtly beautiful songwriting.  This isn’t going to be one of her big hits that storms the mainstream pop world but represents everything I love about her; gorgeous vocals, honest songwriting and more emotion than the listener can handle.  If you like ‘clementine’ you will love this, there’s no doubt.  Her upcoming Manic could well be even better than the acclaimed Badlands from 2015.

Halsey’s ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ is out now via Capitol Records.

Anti-Flag – ‘Unbreakable’

We’ve had a lot of pop this week, so it’s time to have a look at what’s new in punk with Anti-Flag’s newest single, ‘Unbreakable’.  The band have been criticised by some fans for turning towards a more pop-punk sound and detaching themselves from their hardcore roots.  The biggest setback for ‘Unbreakable’ is its cliched and overdone message of staying strong.  However, vocally and musically this is an obvious nod to their more alternative origins.  Lead singer Justin Same sounds raw as hell and the pounding guitars and drums sound as close to classic punk as we’ve heard from Anti-Flag in recent years.  I’m definitely interested in what they’re going to do next.

Anti-Flag’s ‘Unbreakable’ is out now via Universal Music.

Other Selected Releases


Bugzy Malone – ‘December’
Grace Carter – ‘Amnesia’
HMLTD – ‘Why?’
Niall Horan – ‘Put A Little Love On Me’
Taylor Swift – ‘Christmas Tree Farm’
Twin Atlantic – ‘Barcelona’


The Chainsmokers – World War Joy
French Montana – MONTANA
IDLES – A Beautiful Thing: Live at Le Bataclan
Liam Payne – LP1

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