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Singer-songwriter from Oxfordshire, Lewis Watson, has moved from strength-to-strength in the past few years, expanding his fanbase more and more.

His self-released debut EP It’s Got Four Sad Songs On It, BTW (2012) established a strong online listenership for him, and managed to strike him a deal with Warner Bros. Records.

Establishing his rep as a sad boy in his debut EP, the release of his debut album The Morning in 2014 was long-awaited by many fans. Featuring some of his most famous singles to date, including ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘Sink or Swim’, The Morning was extremely successful and expanded his fanbase even more. The Morning is underrated in many, many ways. Not only does it feature two of his most popular songs, there are a plethora of tunes which deserve much more attention. ‘Stones Around the Sun’ is the perfect song to play loud and move to, starting quiet but increasing in volume and power as the melody progresses. The chorus is entirely addictive, and it’s a song to be played on repeat. The most gorgeous song on this album is undoubtedly ‘Halo’, with its lovely lyrics combined with the softest guitar and vocals. ‘Halo’ is the perfect remedy for any type of sadness or hopelessness, and you’ll be left with “it’s a wonder you don’t know how wonderful you are” stuck in your head for a while.

Following the success of The Morning, Watson took a slight break in releasing any music, and fans were not graced with any new releases until 2017, with the release of Midnight.

Midnight was slightly different to anything Watson had released before. Prior to 2017, the majority of Watson’s music consisted of his vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar, a simple but effective combination which produced gorgeous results. However, in Midnight heavier sounds and timbres were created, and there were much more layered vocals. The result was powerful and this album is a must-have, with singles like ‘little light’ and ‘maybe we’re home’ perfect to play at the highest volume. Lucy Rose also features on this album, in ‘slumber’, one of the hidden gems on Midnight.

Watson’s most recent releases are from his upcoming album, the love that you want. Thus far, 4 out of 11 tracks have been released and they all live up to his wonderful previous releases. They are more similar to Midnight than The Morning, which makes sense as it seems the more recent releases contain more dense musical accompaniments, extending beyond simply an acoustic guitar. Out of the releases from the love that you want so far, ‘meant for me‘ and ‘spark’ definitely stand out the most. Both are extremely catchy and have big spring/summer energy, perfect for listening to in the sun.

Despite never having a UK number 1, this is definitely not out of the question for Watson. Seeing how much his music has grown and progressed over the past six years has demonstrated what an incredible songwriter he is. the love that you want is definitely one to look out for when it is released next month, as I am sure it will gain the attention of many more listeners.

Be sure to keep an eye on Lewis Waston, as the love that you want is due to be released on May 29th 2020 via Cooking Vinyl.


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