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What’s the tune of your summer? That one song that you just can’t get out of your head no matter how hard you try? Our writers have their own answers. Here’s a few of The Edge’s number 1 tracks for this coming summer.

Ray BLK – ‘Doing Me’

During  lockdown I think it’s fair to say that I, like many people, had far too much spare time on my hands and lacked any real, meaningful purpose. Naturally I gravitated towards reading as many books and watching as many movies as I possibly could. Eventually I realised that the majority of my favourite songs had been discovered whilst watching the movies that they feature in — my favourite summer song of 2020 is no exception to this pattern. ‘Doing Me’ by Ray BLK featured as the title track for Netflix movie, Nappily Ever After. Very much like the film, Ray BLK’s song promotes individuality, body positivity and self empowerment. As well as being comprised of overtly positive lyrics, Ray BLK has made sure her words are accompanied by upbeat music which radiates summer vibes. After just listening to the song twice over I practically knew the lyrics off by heart and it has become impossible not to sing along to. Although the summer of 2020 is going to be unforgettable for all the wrong reasons, ‘Doing Me’ is an unforgettable summer tune for all the right reasons.

Kay Miller

‘Doing Me’ is available to listen to now down below. 

Saba  – ‘Photosynthesis’

Summer is the time for relaxation, reflection and self-discovery; it’s the period in most of our lives where our workload calms down and beer gardens are open and late-night drives just become the ultimate activity. Saba’s ‘Photosynthesis’ is a song that fits all these moods. It’s relaxing and smooth instrumentally, with Saba’s deep vocals standing in contrast, making for a track that almost transports you to space. The meaning behind the song is reflecting on the past and life moving in a positive direction. If you’re driving a car, tanning in the park or just in the pub, the song is perfect to lead you to a night of calm.

The track is peaceful, but if you listen closely the song has a much deeper meaning about the struggles of growing up. Most summer jams are expected to be loud and party anthems, however when listening to Saba, his ability to bring back a feeling of tranquillity is powerful. This is relatively rare for a track to do so just by the instrumentation itself.

Morgan McMillan

‘Photosynthesis’ is available to listen to now via Saba Pivot LLC.

Lana Del Rey – ‘Fuck It I love you’

Having to just pick just one Lana Del Rey song is near impossible; every single one of her records are composed and written with overwhelming emotion and glimpses of the baroque rock vibes that I wholeheartedly adore. Recently my summer tune for 2020 has been ‘Fuck it I love you ’ from her recent 2019 album Norman F*cking Rockwell. Whilst ‘Off to the Races’ from her debut 2012 album has been on repeat non-stop, it has to be a close second.

Right from the get-go ‘F*ck it I love you’ introduces bright neon lights and drinking alcohol till dawn; the lyrics take you through a summer relationship that you pined for yet never manifested. Maybe that hot girl summer you planned that wasn’t so hot after all (RIP).

Not only are the lyrics written from the most poetical mind-frame, the California dreamin’ and reference to The Mamas and Papa’s ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ all coalesce into one huge aesthetic that amplifies the melancholia and ethereal tones of Del Rey’s voice, as her lyrics absorb and wash over you in an easy listening like fashion.

Even though this song isn’t the most exciting summer song with a hard consistent beat or one you might see on a party playlist, it’s a song that can transport you to the ideal summer location. A beach in Cali, the ocean, jukeboxes playing till sunset and a lost mystique that you go searching for through the romanticised summer vacation and care-free lifestyle that Del Rey seems to be advertising.

Yet whilst the song transcends into a wistful and surf-ish rock ballad the record is really about Del Rey questioning her lifestyle and missing a loved one. So not only do you have the perfect summer record to transport you to the tranquil West Coast, it has an extremely memorable hook and a characteristically dreamy and tragic vibe, not a million miles away from past albums of Del Rey’s such as Honeymoon (2015) and Born to Die (2012).

Olivia Dellar

‘Fuck It I Love You’ is available to listen to now via Polydor.

The Comet is Coming – ‘Summon the Fire’ 

The Comet is Coming are a London-based band whose focus lies in psychadelic rock with a combination of jazz, funk and electronica.

Their sophomore album Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery (2019) offers a great selection of tunes, but it’s ‘Summon The Fire’ that stands out the most. With its lack of vocals, this single is the absolute quintessential track to groove to. Its focus rests entirely on the dynamic saxophone solo which reigns throughout, as the funky, rhythmic drums permeate in the background.

Because of the uniqueness of its sound, it’s a single to be played on repeat. Whether you’re doing chores, work or just looking for some background tunes to chill in the summer sun to, ‘Summon The Fire’ is the perfect go-to.

Georgie Holmes

‘Summon The Fire’ is available to listen to now via An Impulse! Records.

Michael Jackson – ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’

Throughout lockdown, my oldies playlist really had its time to shine. I’ve really been indulging in the nostalgia and taking countless trips down memory lane. Trying to pick ‘my summer tune’ was hard but ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ by Michael Jackson has been my undeniable fave. Those who know me will already know of my love for Jackson; his unfathomable talent and his influence still permeates the industry to this day and his music makes up a fairly big chunk of my childhood soundtrack, so there’s an element of sentimentality there too. 

‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ features on Jackson’s 1979 album, Off The Wall and encompasses everything I feel that the world knows him for – an infectious groove and those unmistakable ad-libs. One of the most iconic disco songs of all time, this track is a real party starter and is my go-to when I fancy a good time. Not only that, the musical layering is so interesting – glass Coca-Cola bottles were responsible for lots of the percussion in the song and Jackson’s falsetto vocals, paired with the funky, disco rhythm, make this song irresistible. 

Any oldies playlist is simply not complete without a track from Jackson’s discography but ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ is a fantastic place to start.

Sophie Young

‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ is available to listen to now via MJJ Productions LLC.

Dua Lipa – ‘Hallucinate’

I am extremely late to the party when it comes to listening to British pop-icon Dua Lipa‘s latest album, Future NostalgiaRegardless, it’s absolutely stocked to the brim with bangers, with ‘Hallucinate’ being a personal favourite of mine. It’s a super upbeat dance track, following Lipa as she sings of her complete infatuation with a new lover. My favourite aspect of the song has got to be the singer’s deep, alto voice, something that is entirely unique to Dua Lipa’s artistry; it contrasts brilliantly with the higher pitch of the music of the track. There’s something immensely satisfying about the way that Lipa sings chorus, wavering on the ”I-I-I hallucinate when you call my name, got stars in my e-e-e-eyes”, making it irrestitable to shout along to. You can definitely feel the Gwen Stefani vibes, of whom Lipa has named as a key influence on her work. I’ve also got to share some love for the music video, that’s brilliantly animated in a 70s, Cuphead-esque classic style, producing a trippy, psychedelic effect that perfectly fits the vibe of the song.

Alice Fortt

‘Hallucinate’ is available to listen to now via Warner Music UK.

Faye Webster – ‘Right Side of My Neck’

At only 21, American folk singer Faye Webster is quietly carving her way into a niche market that combines sultry, late-night R&B with the steely twang of Americana. The break-up ballad, ‘Right Side of My Neck’, from her stunning album, Atlanta Millionaires Club released last year, is a perfect example of her sound. From the opening steel guitar wails and the tight knit drum groove, it will inevitably evoke imagery of a hazy tropical sunset, alongside Webster’s gentle vocals having the effect of relaxing into a warm luxurious bath. The lyrics, on the other hand, mark a beautiful contrast as Webster sings about the aftermath of a tumultuous break-up – ”you looked back at me once, but I looked back two times” – and the repetitive chorus, ”the right side of my neck smells like you”, is layered with a simple but effective harmony that seeps with tender melancholy. ‘Right Side of My Neck’ is a wonderfully seductive track that is the perfect soundtrack to a glass of sangria on a hot summer’s evening.

Theo Smith

‘Right Side of My Neck’ is available to listen to now via Secretly Canadian.

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