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Still stuck at home (at least most of the time), us lot at The Edge have plenty of time on our hands to listen to some cracking tunes this past month. Here’s a look at some of our obsessions this August.

SONG: Sleeping At Last- ‘Neptune’

After reviewing a song from Sleeping At Last‘s newest release, Atlas: Enneagram (Instrumentals), I rediscovered this single from 2014. It’s part of Atlas: Year One, and sums up all that there is to love about Sleeping At Last.

The vocals are gorgeous and it exhibits an autumnal or winter vibe, sending chills down my spine as its piano chords and vocals harmonise beautifully. As Ryan O’Neal sings, “I wanna love you but I don’t know how” on repeat, it is easy to feel the emotive pain he showcases. Heartbreak is something that everyone deals with at some point, so ‘Neptune’ is as gorgeous as it is relatable.

What stands out about ‘Neptune’ is its astrological theme. Atlas: Year One features a range of other astrological song titles, in the two EPs it features under the space theme.

If you like gorgeous vocals and an easy listen, you’ll love ‘Neptune’.

Georgie Holmes

‘Neptune’ is available to listen to now via Asteriod B-612.

ALBUM: Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia

On Twitter, someone I follow commented that each autumn he creates a playlist of songs from the year that give him happier feelings that he listens to when he needs comfort on rough days. So I’ve been going through my playlists and cultivating my own! A few hidden gems stuck out to me though, primarily albums that came out earlier in the year that I’ve not completely gotten around to until now.

The main one’s Dua Lipa. Of course, I’ve listened to tracks like “Physical” from her latest album before (there was an entire week where it’s all I listened to on repeat) but there are other golden tracks there which I never got around to listening to. Future Nostalgia‘s 80s inspired tracks were jumpy and entertaining, and I don’t know why I’ve not heard “Hallucinate” or “Love Again” until now – they’re suddenly my new favourites!

Sometimes going back to rediscover an album is just as comforting as repeated listens to old favourites.

Louise Chase

Future Nostalgia is available to listen to now via Warner Records UK. Check out ‘Physical’ down below.

SONG: Choker – ‘Lucky’

‘Lucky’ is a nostalgic summer track, it’s been on repeat throughout the August heatwave and rainy season – it fits with everything August has thrown our way. The track digs into your soul with the beautiful vocals accompanied by a soft acoustic guitar strumming gently in the background. The song puts you in a mental fix; it’s as if BROCKHAMPTON and Frank Ocean had a baby. Choker creates art. The track is simple but effective, and is the perfect anthem for those late night bus rides – although it’s chill and calm, it’s inspiring and makes you want to keep trying, which is specifically evident in the chorus “I get by, I get through, I get over, I get moved, Try my luck, Don’t try my trust”. The simplicity of the lyrics, the instrumentation and the general vibe is why ‘Lucky’ by Choker has become my August must listen to.

Morgan McMillan

‘Lucky’ is available to listen to now via Jet Fuzz. 

SONG: Declan McKenna – ‘The Key to Life on Earth’

After releasing his incredible second studio album Zeros (2020) on September 4th, Declan McKenna‘s songs have been stuck on loop in my mind, particularly the brilliantly catchy track ‘The Key to Life on Earth’. The tune is just such an upbeat smash hit that everyone should be listening to; it’s a brilliant mood booster due to its fast pace and quirky style. Although the single was released prior to the album, it’s recently become one that stands out to me within not only the context of the album but also as a stand-alone song to enjoy and have a little sing-along to. If you’re looking for a song that will brighten your mood and get you moving, McKenna’s smashing indie/alt track will tick all the boxes and is definitely one to add to your playlist!

Katie Evans

‘The Key to Life on Earth’ is available to listen to now via Sony Music.

SONG: Rico Nasty – ‘IPHONE’

Rico Nasty‘s newest track ‘IPHONE’ has been on loop for me ever since its release.

Produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs, this track sends you into hyper-pop heaven with its sweet machinery of sounds. The bass and distorted synths go hard, and it’s clear that Rico’s work on the remix of 100 gecs’ ‘ringtone’ alongside Charli XCX and Kero Kero Bonito has carried through onto her new music to influence its sound. Accompanied by glitchy, vaporwave visuals, ‘IPHONE’ embraces the aesthetics of internet culture. The lyrics remind me of the early 2000s, using references like Tamagotchis and Myspace to tie together the themes of relationships and the addictive nature of social media. Also, the fact that the line “smoking so much gas I forgot to put my mask on” was written pre-corona is brilliant.

With Rico’s high-pitched auto tuned hook, ‘IPHONE’ is catchy, fun, and futuristic and will have you listening on repeat. It definitely makes me excited for her upcoming album.

Connie Seamer

‘IPHONE’ is available to listen to now via Sugar Trap.

ALBUM: Creeper – Sex, Death & The Infinite Void 

It seems like the whole city of Southampton rejoiced when local stars Creeper reached no. 5 in the album charts at the start of August. It was a big deal – while smaller artists and local venues have been struggling through lockdown, it felt like a win to see a local rock band in the charts. Of course, the album itself was a true masterpiece; a beautiful mixture of great rock music and heavenly spoken word to create something that transcended genre. Listen closely, and you hear elements of goth, rock, punk and even country infiltrating Creeper’s sound, but at its core, Sex, Death & The Infinite Void has created something new entirely. Lyrically, religious imagery reigns supreme in a refreshing way, as the traditional love song is viewed through the lenses of heaven and hell. Some of the best songs are ‘Cyanide’, ‘Annabelle’ and ‘Four Years Ago’, but for the best experience, listen to the whole record.

Vicky Greer

Sex, Death & The Infinite Void is available now via Roadrunner Records. Check out ‘Cyanide’ down below.

SONG: Megan Thee Stallion – ‘Girls in the Hood’

Megan Thee Stallion is undeniably dominating the 2020 music scene. Partly with the help of her songs going viral on TikTok, the 25-year old rapper has gone supernova this year, with chart topping tracks like ‘Savage’ (both the original and killer Beyonce-featured remix), ‘Captain Hook’, ‘Cash Shit’, ‘Hot Girl Summer’, ‘Diamonds’ with Normani, and ‘WAP’ with Cardi B. Although she has countless tunes in her discography, ‘Girls in the Hood’ is my current personal obsession. It’s just the perfect song to hype yourself up to; just listening to the repeating chorus of ”I’m a hot girl/ I do hot shit” is enough to make you feel like a million bucks. The entire song is basically about being a badass and not taking rubbish from anyone, as well as accepting the fact that yes, you are a strong, hot gal who deserves good treatment. It’s empowering, with its focus on sexual liberation and independance, and just screams of being bigger than life with it’s classic 90s hip-hop beat. It samples classic Eazy-E track ‘Boyz N Da Hood’, but reinvents it in Megan’s classic style, making it even more addictive and dance worthy. If you want to feel like you’re on top of the world, I’d 100% reccomend giving ‘Girls in the Hood’ a listen.

Alice Fortt

‘Girls in the Hood’ is available to listen to now via 1501 Certified ENT LLC.

ALBUM: Tkay Maidza – Last Year Was Weird (Vol. 2)

For Australian rapper Takudzwa Victoria Rose Maidza, otherwise known as Tkay Maidza, her strength as an artist is her versatility; her latest EP Last Year Was Weird (Vol.2), is the embodiment of that word. Over the course of its brief 27mins and eight tracks, Maidza undergoes a dizzying array of styles from the lo-fi hip-hop on ‘My Flowers’ to the bass ridden trap banger on ‘Awake’, and each one executed with utter flair.

Theo Smith

Last Year Was Weird (Vol. 2) is available to listen to now via 4AD ltd. Check out ‘Shook’ down below.

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