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Southampton is no stranger to having a killer music scene, not only in our beloved venues (shout-out to the love of my life The Joiners), but also in the musicians that were born and raised here. We at The Edge revel sharing a bit of Southampton love, and discussing our favourite Southampton artists is no exception. Take a look at some of our top picks down below.

Craig David

Growing up in the Town Quay, Craig David has established himself as Southampton’s greatest treasure. David is a known name at any club night or pre’s with his absolute bangers, like ‘Rewind’, getting anyone with a pulse up and dancing. The R&B singer even has a plaque dedicated to him in Southampton City Centre, proving Craig David really is “all over”. He is the gift that keeps on giving; on 10 October 2019 David did a free Virgin Media show at St Mary’s Stadium – he brought us into the New Year and is a huge name even outside of Southampton. He regularly celebrates his hometown and is loud and proud about where he’s from.

For those who don’t know Craig David, he is a singer-songwriter, rapper, DJ and record producer born in 1981 who struck to fame after his collaboration with Artful Dodger on ‘Re-Rewind’. However, it wasn’t until his debut album, Born to Do It, in 2000 that led him to become a household name. The album’s lead single, ‘7 Days’, went straight to number one in the UK making David, who at the time was only 18 years old, the youngest British male to have a UK number-one single since Jimmy Osmond.

Morgan McMillan

Check out Craig David’s ‘7 Days’, available via Wildstar Records, down below.


Southampton rockers Creeper just released their second album Sex, Death & the Infinite Void this month, further pushing the band into the mainstream. Debuting at number 5 on the UK album Chart, Creeper is only getting better with every release, and are paving the way for other bands coming out of the Southampton rock scene.

Forming in 2014, this six-piece is one of the most interesting rock acts in the music world at the moment. Incorporating elements of horror-punk, the goth-rock and emo into their sound, the group can nail fast-paced, riff-heavy tracks as well as slowing the tempo to tug on our heartstrings. Everything that the band releases feels very original and fresh, from the storylines and characters they incorporate into their work to the energy in their live shows, Will Gould and co are due to go down as legends of the Southampton music scene.

In December of this year, the gothic six-piece is returning to Southampton to play multiple shows at one of the grassroots venues that supported them at the start of their journey as a band. Playing four live ‘outstore’ events for The Joiners in partnership with Vinilo for the release of Sex, Death & the Infinite Void, these shows will certainly go off and be something you’d hate to miss out on.

Charlotte Brennan

You can listen to Sex, Death & the Infinite Void via Roadrunner Records. Creeper is playing at The Joiners on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of December 2020.

Band of Skulls

If you’re like me, you may have been first introduced to Southampton-based rock band Band of Skulls through their feature on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack with their song ‘Friends’ (it’s a good soundtrack okay don’t judge me). Beyond popping up in certain sparkly vampire centred franchises, however, Band of Skulls are a damn good gritty rock band. With 5 studio albums under their belt, they’ve certainly made their mark on the music scene, both in the Southampton scene and beyond. Showing some clear blues influences, their sound floats around in the hard-garage-rock area, with banging albums such as Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, that’s turning 10 this year. If you’re a bit late to the party with checking out the cracking sound that is Band of Skulls, I implore you, take a dive into their discography; I promise that you’re going to love what you find.

Alice Fortt

Check out Band of Skulls’ ‘Asleep at the Wheel’, available via Electric Blues Recordings, down below.


Although considered a London band, Dead! originally formed in Southampton, in 2013 by Alex Mountford, Sam and Louis Matlock, and Sam Chappell. As a band that largely can be described as hard rock, Dead! do like to blend other genre elements such as pop-punk and grunge into their music. They typically sing about having a good time out and partying – great to add to your pre’s playlist!

When they started the band up, Dead! began playing the local gig circuit on the South Coast, as well as in London venues and the South East. Their track, ‘The Damned Restless Future’ captured the hearts of many and began the band’s fan base. They continued to release tracks despite not being signed to a label and attracted more people to their live gigs. Eventually, Dead! attracted the attention of Infectious Music/BMG in the U.K. and Rise Records in the U.S. in 2016.  Fans only had to wait a few years until their debut full-length album, The Golden Age of Not Even Trying dropped in February 2018. Their album is still a statement to local bands in Southampton that they can make it to the big time if they continue to pursue what they love.

Jo Lisney

Check out Dead!’s ‘The Damned Restless Future’ down below.

Bury Tomorrow

Melodic metalcore band Bury Tomorrow is another gift Southampton gave to the music world officially forming in 2006 and still having an incredibly successful career to date. The five-piece band consists of Daniel Winter-Bates, Jason Cameron, Davyd Winter-Bates, Adam Jackson and Kristan Dawson and have released a total of six studio albums with their most recent, Cannibal only being released in July 2020. The success of Cannibal has led them to organise a tour for winter 2021 where they will be performing at Southampton Guildhall. Their most famous song ‘Lionheart’ has captured the hearts of many due to its impressive percussion and lyricism.

Morgan McMillan

Check out Bury Tomorrow’s ‘Lionheart’ down below.


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