Queer Music Legends: Freddie Mercury


When discussing our favourite queer artists, it would be a crime to forget the legend that is Freddie Mercury. His flamboyant tastes in both music and everyday life left an eternal impact that rocked the world, quite literally, then and now. The iconic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ changed the rock sound forever, and is probably the most recognisable, well-remembered, and beloved rock song in the UK and then some. In fact, it is the third biggest-selling single of all time. This, combined with incredible hits such as ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ and ‘Killer Queen’ (some of my personal favourites) makes Queen the utterly entrancing band they are and were; still playing today, in memory of Freddie.

Of course, the powerhouse vocals featured in the originals of these songs makes Freddie Mercury a god of music in his own right. His heartbreaking performances of ‘Who Wants to Live Forever,’ are an excellent example of his unbelievable vocal ability- sending shivers down my spine every-time I hear it, and not only from the vocals.

‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ was first performed in 1986, just five years before Freddie’s untimely death, the lyrics hitting incredibly close to home. Freddie Mercury was always defined by his flamboyant nature- fashion, personality art style, and lived his life plagued by questions of his sexuality. Yet, in the unforgiving sphere of attitudes towards homosexuality in the 80’s, Freddie Mercury thrived, relished, and settled into his personality, unafraid. He refused to change, refused to bow down in the face of adversity and threw everything into what he was passionate about; music. Freddie Mercury continued to tour, sing, perform, and be a public role model for any and all queer people long after his AIDS diagnosis in 1987. Mercury was not only talented, but brave, creative and unafraid of his identity. Until the very end.

This, amongst all of his earth-shattering vocals, songs and albums is why Freddie Mercury is my favourite queer artist.



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