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SOHN is a producer, singer and musician, and was originally from London before moving to Vienna. SOHN released his debut EP The Wheel in late 2013, and his album has been much anticipated. Known for his chillingly gripping vocals mixed with electronic and even dubstep vibes, the album is not one to be ignored. He has also produced many tracks for Kwabs, and has worked with the likes of BANKS, and Lana Del Rey. At the end of last year, The Edge named him a member of THE LIST 2014; one to watch.

His latest single ‘Artifice’ was named Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World Right Now, and the video was premiered by Vogue. He also recently joined Huw Stephens in the live lounge covering ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. This cover is definitely worth a listen, showing live proof of his effect on an already emotive song. Despite exemplifying his incredible production skills, his haunting voice alone does his debut album justice.

The album Tremors builds in pace, starting with a rather peculiar introductory song ‘Tempest’. For those drawn to the album by ‘Artifice’, this first track could be deemed off-putting with its perhaps over-produced electronic openings. However on recognition of his unique falsetto all interest is not lost. The contrast between deep meaningful vocals and the electronic backing acts to grip if not just intrigue its audience. The album continues with a safer choice of ‘The Wheel’ taken from his debut EP, following with the almighty ‘Artifice’.

As well as some of his better known tracks like ‘Bloodflows’ and ‘Lessons’, other tracks like ‘Ransom Notes’ present a confident depth of synth, building up to a relaxing contrast to previous tracks, including  lyrics such as “we float on the breeze… waiting for the waves”.  Effectively repetitive, brilliant song writing mirrors a different, yet fascinatingly calming tone.

‘Paralysed’ really illustrates SOHN’s full potential. Featuring a beautiful piano accompaniment, although shorter than other songs, it is one of my personal highlights. It shows emotion and vulnerability through its vocals in a more stripped back fashion to some of the others. His production abilities shine through in most of the other songs on the album, but ‘Paralysed’ is a masterclass of songwriting goodness.

Pace and beat continue to increase as the album progresses with obvious exceptions. Its final blast of electro genius portrayed through ‘Lessons’ and ‘Tremor’. Both highly memorable, and ‘Tremor’ an incredible track to build up to, you are left without a doubt wanting more. It is without question that SOHN is a man that knows exactly what he is doing, Tremor making it seem easy and effortless. His hard work has definitely paid off.

Wonderfully unique, Tremors does not disappoint. For SOHN fans this album is not one to be missed, it expresses the wide range of talents SOHN has in the most chillingly soulful way possible. SOHN really exemplifies modern musical talent. For those not currently aware of SOHN, if interested in Kwabs, or London Grammar this is definitely worth exploring.

The album is currently streaming on iTunes and available to pre-order, but is set to be released on Monday. However if the wait is too long, SOHN is currently doing a competition on Twitter, where you can design your own version of his album cover with the template on his website to win records and gig tickets.


Tremors will be released on 7th April on 4AD.


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