Review: Eves The Behavior – Electrical EP

Strong Start

While the production may not be pushing boundaries, the lyrics show a significant talent, and one that will no doubt become more popular in time.

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Electrical is the breakout EP from Eves the Behaviour, a moniker for Hannah Karydas, 20-year-old singer-songwriter from North Queensland. The EP features four tracks: ‘TV’, her debut single, the titular ‘Electrical’, ‘Digging’ (a previously unreleased track), and a remix of ‘TV’ by WARPAINT-STEEZ.

As an introduction to the band the EP works very well, jumping right into one of her strengths, the vocals. Her voice holds the same toned down style that we’ve seen a rise of in the last few years (the most popular example would be Lorde), where the artist feels more like they’re talking to you than singing, but this breaks down in the building choruses to show that the style is not simply to cover up a lack of range. While this may sound like a criticism I mean it as quite a compliment, as it makes it all the easier to hear that they are her own lyrics, in both the wording and tone.

‘TV’ is both the fan favourite, and my own personal favourite, of the album. This is most probably due to it featuring the strongest lyrics, offering a thoughtful look at how we interpret aspects of our personalities through the characters we watch on television. ‘Electrical’’s lyrics are also well written, but aren’t focusing on as interesting a topic, while ‘Digging’ seems relatively basic at its core.

My largest complaint with the work would be that the production is merely serviceable to the music, I don’t feel like it’s adding anything to the song, but at the same time it’s not making them worse. The creativity of the lyrics just doesn’t add up to those of the music, and without the vocals it would be quite easy to mistake it for a number of popular artists. CVRCHES, St Vincent, Banks, FKA Twigs, and Lorde, musically you could compare this album to a blending of them all, but there isn’t really anything new with it. Also once you mistake the intro to ‘Electrical’ as Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ you can’t stop hearing it.

Overall the songs are enjoyable and interesting to listen to, but also show great promise. It’s hard to believe that Eves is only 20 and is managing to create music at a similar level to the people that she is inspired by. While this EP may not be amazing its certainly clear that she is both talented and invested in her art. An act you want to be following if you’re the kind of person that ‘heard it first.’

Electrical will be released this month via Dew Process.


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