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Local band Dali's first ever full-length EP proves that they're definitely a band worth keeping an eye on.

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For those into their rock music, Dali definitely does not disappoint. This local band have been putting out music on Spotify since Dec 2018 and most recently launched their first ever EP, Vol.1 in April 2020.

My first impressions of the EP was that I definitely should have gone to their last show in Southampton. If I were to describe them, I would say they have the distinct mid 2010’s British rock vibe to their music and would be another fan favourite for those who like Deaf Havana, Heaven’s Basement and You Me At Six.

So without further ado, here’s my track by track thoughts!

‘Borrowed Time’

The way in which lead singer Matt Dudman’s voice riffs and interacts with the music illustrate skills that often takes years to learn and even big names in the industry seldomly nail first time. The backup vocals that support Dudman blend brilliantly with his voice, and the addition of the rhythm guitar give it that full, textured sound that one would expect from a much more experienced rock band.

‘You’re Not the One’

From the EP, this is my personal favourite! On this track, the harmony between Dudman’s rhythm guitar and Peter Wright’s lead combines to make a perfectly catchy song, alongside the support of that funky bassline by Ewan Williams and Jack Grossman’s sick drum groove. The added touch of distortion on the vocals also makes this song in particular an interesting choice, as this contrasts to the clean vocals which listeners are used to from the other tracks. However, this does not deter away from the song but in fact, compliments the edginess of the song. With so many elements at play, you would assume they would not work but for Dali, it does; a testament to the band’s music writing skills.


This song in particular reminds me of Deaf Havana’s ‘Sinner’, with the soft slowness at the start, arrangement of build up to the chorus and the mood that Dudman conveys within this song. However, Dudman throws in a pleasant surprise with taking the ‘growliness’ of his voice that one step up, thus leaving listeners exposed to the rawness of feelings expressed that nowadays is often diminished in British rock music.


‘Wasteland’ is sort of an odd ball in contrast to the other 3 songs on EP because it is so different. With the elongation of Wright’s lead riff, and softness of Dudman’s vocals at the start, it’s an interesting tune. This song is also slower than the previous songs and once again, shows off the vocal ability of Dudman and the thoughtfulness in the way that the rest of the band construct their music around this softness. I must stress it is a decent song and understand this is to give snippets of the versatility of their writings, as well as this only being a 4 song EP and another volume is presumed to come.

They are a very talented band who have been smashing the local music scene not only in Hampshire, but across the south! Unfortunately COVID-19 put a stop to their tour but they will no doubt be back and touring as soon as it is safe to do so. Dali are definitely ones to watch!

VOL.1 is available to listen to now on Spotify:


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