Imagine Dragons release their 6th studio album Loom!


Imagine Dragons return with their 6th studio album Loom and it does not disappoint!

The band flummoxed fans in late March when they deleted all Instagram posts from their profile. In place, they promoted Loom which appears as a new era with lead vocalist Dan Reynolds saying, “For the first ten years of this band, not only did we not know who we were as a band but I also did not know who I was”. He took to Instagram to say, “The songs came from a place of sadness and heartache and others joy and jubilance. loneliness. searching. wanting. anger. Love.” With such a range of emotions going into the new album, fans could only sit in anticipation for the 28th of June. Being drip-fed songs such as ‘Eyes Closed’ and ‘Nice to Meet You’ in the build-up to release day, offering a taste of this new era. 

First impressions, can we please take a moment to appreciate the beautiful cover art? It was created by artist Rouxx and is a massive hit amongst fans. The dreamy subtle hues set the tone nicely for the listening party and epic visuals for their upcoming tour (No UK dates planned yet).

Credit: Imagine Dragons via Chuff Media

A sound that’s distinctively Imagine Dragons, they provide their signature pop-rock anthems with even more depth in the lyrics. We have ‘Eyes Closed’, ‘Nice to Meet You’ and ‘Don’t Forget Me’, all of which I predict as upcoming hits. The latter, ‘Don’t Forget Me’, has been described by the band as the “last puzzle piece”. It’s one of the slower more heartfelt tracks with themes of guilt, love, and fear of change. Nonetheless, it remains as punchy as the rest of the album.

Perhaps one of the newest sounding tracks, ‘Nice to Meet You’ begins with a da da da da da daa motif that intertwines throughout the melody, Initially disguising the song as a pop anthem. It’s not until the familiar deep tones of Dan chime in that you get the true essence of Imagine Dragons. Even so, the song has fans in debates over this new sound. Some say it gives “Maroon 5 vibes” whilst others praise the band for this new evolve. 

As an addition to their discography, Loom has all the makings of a hit for returning fans and new listeners alike. It’s catchy with punchy beats and progressive melodies. I can only hope that this new era of Imagine Dragons isn’t the band’s way of erasing the old. 



  • Wake up
  • Nice to meet you 
  • Eyes Closed
  • Take me to the beach
  • In your Corner
  • Gods don’t Pray
  • Dont Forget Me
  • Kid
  • Fire in these Hills
  • **Extra single** 


Loom is now available to stream! 

Watch Imagine Dragons perform ‘Eyes Closed’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 


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