Drenge – ‘Bloodsports’


The debut single ‘Bloodsports’, is the song that effectively establishes Drenge’s identity as the devil’s advocates who’ve had enough of hiding away in the dark corners of the music industry, and are ready to reveal themselves to the masses.

Like a vicious Saturday-night-fight down at the local, the shedding guitar announces the beginning of the rounds. In a voice as gruff and threating as Iggy Pop’s , lyrics like “got a pair of dice/we only roll for snake eyes” paint the splattered picture of the deadly and ultimately fatal encounters when gambling with your life. Egged on by intense grinding guitar and unforgiving percussion, the brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless bathe in dirty rhythms and guitar sirens throughout the song. All this comes together to create a fantastic atmosphere of hostility and indulgent rebellion, fully realising the duo’s obsession with Danish avant-garde cinema. This malevolent tribute is finished off in spectacular fashion, with a heavy build-up to a brutal guitar solo ending with wailing feedback; it’s become an especially unique track.

With this single, this insanely young musical pair are shaping up to be one of the most exciting and intriguing new editions onto to the music scene this year.



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