The Wombats – ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’


The Wombats have returned with their first official single since 2011 album This Modern Glitch, and the reception it has received so far suggests that they have been sorely missed. ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’ would ordinarily seem like a song name bordering on the absurd but The Wombats pull it off in their customary audacious style.

The latest offering from The Wombats stays true to the band’s sound, launching straight into a catchy riff and pulsating drumbeat while still doing just about enough to portray some sense of musical progression from their last album. The lyrics, bluntly, are very silly, at points even a little creepy, but this is the kind of hormonal, self-pitying sentiment we’ve come to know and love from the band.

It’s not the most inspired piece of music the band have produced and it certainly won’t be a track I go out of my way to listen to, but it doesn’t cause me any musical offence and will keep fans excited for more.


‘Your Body Is A Weapon’ is out now on 14th Floor Records


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