Linkin Park x Steve Aoki – ‘A Light That Never Comes’


Linkin Park have had a varied history, progressing from Nu-Metal, to more experimental productions in recent years.  In their most recent single, they continue that trend by collaborating with popular electrohouse producer and DJ, Steve Aoki.

On paper the team-up of two big names from such different genres appears to be rather questionable. In practice however the record really surprises as the hybrid of their styles and sounds manages to capture the  essence of both Linkin Park and Aoki’s music whilst being different enough to sound fresh. Neither collaborators’ sound is overbearing on one another, whilst all their own personal trademarks are present, and really compliment one another in this arrangement.

The beginning of the track harks back to older Linkin Park material from their early days, with vocalist Chester Bennington delivering his agressive rapper-esque vocals over a searing synth loop. Bennington then mellows as the track evolves into a sound far more familiar to fans of Aoki. A bouncy electro kick builds into what is actually a rather funky drop. It does on the other hand become a little tiresome to hear the same lyrics over and over in the breakdowns, which really need a little more embellishment to be honest, if they are to be as profound as Linkin Park seem to think they are.

In many ways the Linkin Parks’ singles have begun to feel a little formulaic, retracing the same tried and tested ground. That said, this is a really fun collaboration, because it works when it shouldn’t. It seems as if Aoki, has injected enough new ideas to make ‘A Light That Never Comes’ an enjoyable listen.


‘A Light That Never Comes’ is available now via Warner Brothers Records Inc.


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