Ugly Love – ‘No Model’


Do you ever feel that everything in the British rock music scene is a bit serious these days? There seems to be a lot of bands that want to tell the world how awful their lives are. Well, punk rockers Ugly Love are trying to bring the joy back to music, and their debut single ‘No Model’ is a fantastic start.

It’s a classic slice of danceable, fast paced and insanely catchy punk rock, a clever mix of 70s punk and modern rock. Imagine The Clash, sped up, in a blender with My Chemical Romance. Sounds bonkers, but works brilliantly, especially when you add in fabulously tongue in cheek lyrics, including gems such as ‘I’m no model, I look like I’ve been beaten in the face with a shovel.’ Yes, the production’s a little rough, but come on people, it’s a punk record!

Overall, ‘No Model’ is a welcome antidote to the thick fog of pretention that often envelops the alternative scene, it’s an ear worm of the highest order and provides more joy than a tap dancing Labrador.


No Model is released on ITunes, Amazon and Spotify on 24th February 2014 and the video is released on Valentines Day.


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