Review: Snoop Dogg feat. Stevie Wonder – ‘California Roll’


Pulsing with the same chilled aura as 'Peaches N Cream', 'California Roll' is absorbing and inviting with classic R&B vibes.

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The man who brought us ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, Snoop Dogg releases the third single from his most recent album BUSH in the form of a collaboration with music legend Stevie Wonder, as well as Pharrell Williams who produced the track.

‘California Roll’ immediately offers something different, showcasing another dimension to Snoop Dogg. Pulsing with a similar chilled aura to ‘Peaches N Cream’ – BUSH‘s lead single – ‘California Roll’ is absorbing and inviting, enveloping you into a warm sound drawing from classic R&B vibes whilst simultaneously slipping into a jazz sound. The track’s sound shows a whole new Snoop.

However, the lyrical content offers something somewhat familiar (and expected) to the listener when indulging in the latest Snoop track: the discussion of marijuana. Far from being a lyrical masterpiece, the song’s content remains faithful enough to its artist that the song doesn’t seem out of place as a Snoop Dogg track, but offers a welcoming difference to Snoop’s previous endeavours, demonstrating a gentler sound that is perfect to ease you into these Summer days. Not to mention the almost unbelievable collaboration with Stevie Wonder which, rather than feeling forced together, blends perfectly to make a standout song on the album.

‘California Roll’ is available now via I Am Other and Columbia Records.


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