Review: Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Throne’


'Throne' has proved and shown the new direction Bring Me The Horizon are heading in - and it's working.

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Last week I touched upon how Sheffield rockers (note: not metallers anymore!) Bring Me The Horizon had clearly started to move in a new direction when they released ‘Happy Song’. Well that has definitely been confirmed with their latest release and first official single release from their forthcoming album, That’s the Spirit.

‘Throne’ moves the band far away from what they have been associated with since their beginning; they are no longer centred around metalcore or deathcore but instead have moved towards the influences of alternative, indie and stadium rock, and pop. ‘Throne’ sounds very similar to the slightly heavier stuff released by rock titans Linkin Park, but that is testament to the band growing and moving with their beliefs instead of getting stuck producing the same music over and over again.

Keyboard and synth is apparent throughout this track, the vocals from frontman Oli Sykes are sung instead of screamed and the chorus is distinctively anthemic. Bring Me The Horizon are blossoming into something new, they are drawing upon personal experiences and producing tracks with uplifting lyrics that are all about overcoming adversity: “You can throw me to the wolves… Tomorrow I will come back leader of the whole pack… Every wound will shape me… Every scar will build my throne.”

‘Throne’ is out now via Sony Entertainment.


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