Review: Lana Del Rey – ‘High By The Beach’


'High By The Beach' is dreamily soothing and unhurried; it sets the perfect scene for doing just that.

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Lana Del Rey brings us ‘High By The Beach’, the first official track from her upcoming album Honeymoon which has been tantalisingly teased throughout the summer- but is confirmed for release in September.

The track creeps in with indecipherable echoes and wistful semi-“ahhs” before Del Rey’s voice clears the air. Her vocals a carefully paced and unhurried, lulling listeners into the song as it grows in body. We are plunged into undulating synth work and a rising pace, quickly expanding the track as it gains momentum towards the chorus. It’s this sort of plunge that makes Del Rey’s tracks so remix-ready. There’s something soothing about Del Rey’s velveteen vocals and the choral repetition of “All I wanna do is get high by the beach”, and the plunging feeling as we reach the chorus aligns with lyrics detailing sinking into sand. Empowering elements come into play within the track, too, as Del Rey powerfully repeats “Don’t need your money to get me what I want”. Whilst not sure whether this aligns with her desire to get high by the beach, at least she promotes a stream of independence.

‘High By The Beach’ is chilled and soothing; it sets the perfect scene, and provides the perfect escape. You will at least want to sit with Lana Del Rey on a beach after listening to it.

‘High By The Beach’ is out now via Polydor.


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