Review: Dan Croll – ‘One of Us’


Dan Croll's new single 'One of Us' is a bizarre offering by the singer-songwriter.

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Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Dan Croll released his debut studio album, Sweet Disarray, last year. He is known for his fusion of soft, poppy melodies on a background of gentle electronics and rhythmic guitar hooks. The release of his latest single ‘One of Us’ marks a movement in a new direction, away from elements of his signature sound.

The track opens with Croll’s delicate declaration of “Heard you can’t beat the rush, give in and be one of us,” which fills you with expectations of a dreamy, electro-pop song similar to those the singer has previously released. However, it is soon followed by a combination of an irregular drumbeat, sci-fi sounding electronics and an overbearing guitar, which adds a confusing backdrop for Croll’s vocals. There are times when the vocals and lyrics can be appreciated, but unfortunately they are often overpowered by the jumbled instrumental arrangement.

This is certainly not a song to be written off, as it is likely a result of ambitious intentions and is not simply a lazy repeat of Croll’s previous releases. The singer’s sweet-sounding vocals definitely still shine through and make for a pleasant listen, but unfortunately the case remains that the instrumental tones on this track are slightly bizarre.

‘One of Us’ is out now via Racquet Records.


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