Review: Drake feat. The Throne – ‘Pop Style’


'Pop Style' is an impressive coming together of the three biggest names in rap.

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It was always a matter of time until the three biggest names in hip hop combined. Jay-Z and Kanye West have been an unstoppable combination since first teaming up in 2001, when Drake made his first break acting in Degrassi. Fast forward to 2016 and Drake has equalled the two juggernauts, so a single from the three of them is bound to make headlines.

‘Pop Style’, presumably from Drake’s upcoming album Views From The 6, is the first time all three have appeared on a track together. Jay and ‘Ye are credited as “The Throne”, potentially teasing a follow-up to 2011’s Gargantuan collaboration Watch The Throne. Despite the blockbuster features ‘Pop Style’ is undeniably a Drake track, his lazily arrogant flow sitting perfectly atop a signature Kanye West beat. His verse contains every Drakeism, from boasting about money (“Dropped out of school, now we dumb rich”), to the ever-present possessive sadness about an ex-lover (“you’ve been on my mind lately, you’ve still got my number girl you need to call me”). Along the way he reminds us that he’s the best, the meanest, and even drops a terrible jewellery pun “Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum”.

The Throne’s input is incredibly one-sided, Jay-Z’s input reduced to a mere two lines. It is probably for the best as he is long past his prime, not to mention Drake and Kanye are far more relevant in 2016 with The Life of Pablo and Views From The 6 set to dominate the year in hip hop. In addition to his production Kanye has a full verse which he uses to bait the press, referencing his new album, his loud mouth and also another line about the 2009 VMAs, daring the media to produce another slew of thinkpieces regarding Taylor Swift.

Drake ends the song repeating the first few bars of his verse, the closest thing to a hook on the track. ‘Pop Style’ is a reminder who’s in charge in 2016, an effortless statement of dominance.

‘Pop Style’ is available now on iTunes, on Cash Money Records.


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