Review: Jennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda – ‘Love Make The World Go Round’

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Although musically not the most exciting, this vibrant collaboration is a fitting tribute to the victims of Orlando with powerful lyrics.

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When the world is struck by tragedy, communities often turn to art and music to respond. ‘Love Make The World Go Round,’ a charity collaboration between Jennifer Lopez and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda for the victims of the Orlando shooting last month, is an appropriately fun and beautiful summer anthem which indeed serves as a fitting tribute to the LGBT+ community targeted on that day.

The track opens with a sample of Miranda’s Tony’s speech, in which he reiterated, “Love is love is love is love,” picking up with a Latin-inspired drumbeat and lyrics that preach love over hate. Both Lopez and Miranda bring their roots to the musical style of this track, making it an upbeat, catchy tune, which is a lot of fun to both sing and dance to.

Part of what makes the Hamilton soundtrack so unique is the rap breaks, making parts closely resemble standard pop records, so to hear Miranda performing a verse on a song like this is very exciting. He does a great job, and the song flows masterfully from Lopez’s vocal to Miranda’s and back, with it being very evident that they believe in what they’re singing. Even the incorrect grammar of the hook can’t be criticised as it continues to emit fun and just sounds right.

Though ‘Love Make The World Go Round’ is nothing particularly special, I cannot help but love it because of what it stands for. Lopez and Miranda preach love, and it seems that they genuinely want to spread an attitude of compassion and acceptance in this world through music. It is a noble venture and, in the dark days we live in, it is one that should be endlessly appreciated.

‘Love Make The World Go Round’ is out now via Epic Records


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