Review: The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey – ‘Closer’

Catchy but dull

Not what we've come to expect from the EDM duo and it won't be popular with long-term fans despite its redeeming qualities (i.e. Halsey Halsey Halsey).

Halsey has a fantastic ability to make anything she sings sound fantastic. Without her presence and a good beat, ‘Closer’ wouldn’t be half as tolerable. There’s a good melody stuck underneath some repetitive and uninspiring lyrics that a decent remix could draw out, yet instead it’s wrapped in tired clichés about wanting to bang and never getting older.

‘Closer’ is a synthy record about two people who are really into each other, and its post-chorus drops are alright for a straight pop track but pretty disappointing compared to The Chainsmokers’ older stuff. Tracks like ‘Roses,’ although going on to become big global hits, maintained a clubby edge. This is completely made for a radio audience for pop fans to call a summer anthem – I’m sure I’ll hear it played in my friend’s Rovers that I know they can’t afford at least once or twice. Increasing its tempo from 95BPM by 25% made it significantly better, so I’m cautiously optimistic to see what remixes can bring.

Fortunately, Halsey sounds as great as she usually does, and it’s refreshing to hear the production duo’s Drew Taggart taking lead vocals for the first time. It reaches its aim of being annoyingly catchy, though it’s far from their best work – a Blink-182 reference does not a classic make. It’ll do well in the charts, teens will love it for the summer, and it may make its way into a house party playlist, but I won’t be playing it on repeat.

‘Closer’ is out now via Disruptor and Columbia Records


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