Review: Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Gameshow’


Whilst still continuing to lack originality, this new single does show off some unexpected sounds.

The titular track from the Northern Irish band’s upcoming third studio album changes tack from previous singles ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)‘ and ‘Bad Decisions,’ providing something refreshingly different to their previous attempts to adhere to what is popular, starting with sombre tones and electric riffs that dominate the rest of the song. Despite the addition of an electric guitar alongside a powerful drum beat – both instruments scarcely used by the band to date – there is a surprising similarity to the past, with the combination of synthetic sounds with the guitar providing a new twist on what we have come to expect from the band.

Some things, however, just don’t work. After the second chorus, the song breaks into confusingly high-pitched vocals from Alex Trimble that just don’t fit with the rest of the song. We’re then introduced to a section where the lyrics are screamed and heavily adjusted – again, out of place.

‘Gameshow’ also takes on the form of a social commentary, referencing American screenwriter David Lynch (“I’m a Lynchian dream / I’m made of plasticine”) and taking a clear pop at modern day interactions between ‘celebrities’ and the media (“Just give me something / Anything to live by”). It’s nice to see the band speaking up rather than writing yet another irrelevant and nonsensical song – see Beacon and Tourist History for more.

Although this is something we haven’t seen from Two Door Cinema Club before, there is little in the way of new ground broken in ‘Gameshow,’ once again continuing their tradition of pandering to the mass-produced indie trends. However, it does show a glimmer of hope that soon we will finally have something different from this trio when the album arrives next week.

‘Gameshow’ is out now via Parlophone


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