Review: King Charles – ‘Find A Way’


Hardly groundbreaking, but it hardly needed to be. A sweet little English rose of a number.

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When an artist has a certain unique (if somewhat indefinable) style, it’s common to both expect and dread when it comes to change in newer releases. King Charles is renowned for a sort of summer-soaked folk-pop that’s gentle, delicate, and honest enough to be able to speak in bizarre and complex similes without once seeming grandiose.

While other recent tracks from 2016’s Gamble For A Rose reflect a little growth and a few stylistic changes, that same heart and soul fans are used to still remains, and nowhere is it clearer than in ‘Find A Way.’ Upbeat instrumentation backs the track, stacking to create a deep and somewhat surf-rock vibe which Charles’ fluttering vocals echo over. It’s a track Charles started playing on tour this April, and seems truly made for live performance.

‘Find A Way’ is the sort of song you can imagine playing over your California road trip, just as you can imagine it accompanying you tucked up by a cosy English fire this season. A warm little number with endearing lyrics, it isn’t revolutionary, and that makes it pretty perfect.

‘Find A Way’ is out now via Buffalo Gang


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