Review: Ed Sheeran – ‘Shape Of You’


'Shape Of You' reworks what Sheeran does best whilst adding a few nods to the future.

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Amongst 2017’s first musical offerings are not one but two new Ed Sheeran singles, resuming the musician’s career after a year’s absence from the industry. ‘Shape Of You’ is perhaps the least revolutionary of the pair, but it is the most “Ed Sheeran.” After the long, heartbreaking absence of new music, his return to form is what triumphs.

‘Shape Of You’ taps into the success of Sheeran’s last singles, twisting them together to form the perfect comeback and reminding listeners just why he’s the King of Music. The song exhibits the sweet seductive vocals that he has become so iconic for, then twists euphoric lapses into rap, creating a slightly odd yet successful sound that pulls together ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.’ Newly injected are tropical looped beats, reminiscent of a Sia offering, which give the song enough new flair to make this a comeback that not only signals a return to form, but a nod to the future.

Originally written by Sheeran with Rihanna in mind, it seems like a good move that he ended up keeping it for himself. Looking forward, ÷ is imminent, with yesterday bringing a tracklist and today a release date and cover. If the versatility of ‘Shape Of You’ and the soaring anthem of ‘Castle On The Hill‘ are anything to go by, we can all be very excited for March 3rd.

‘Shape Of You’ is out now via Asylum


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