Review: The Backstreet Boys – ‘Chances’


The boys might be back, but we need to hear the rest of the album to see if they are stronger than ever.

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No one can argue that The Backstreet Boys (BSB) have released some truly iconic songs in their time together. ‘I Want It That Way’ and ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’ only prove this fact. Despite a somewhat tumultuous journey as a band, the boys always return to the pop scene, usually with a proper banger.

Having not released anything for five years, the boys had a lot riding on them in 2018. Following their first release in May, BSB launched their second single of the year on Friday.

The song, appropriately named ‘Chances’, was written by Shawn Mendes and Ryan Tedder, and tells the story of finding love in indifferent situations. This is only exemplified by the video which takes place in a train station and sees a young man and woman as they catch each other’s attention in scenarios, such as missing their trains or getting their shoes polished.

The song, which forms part of their upcoming album DNA, strikes a good balance between presenting something new to BSB fans, whilst still unquestionably belonging to this band. It’s a song that offers hope, whilst still being emotionally provoking. It has a memorable chorus, including the like “like two in a million, like once in a life”, and is catchy without driving listener’s crazy. However, I don’t believe the song is as good as they have proven themselves to be. The video seems awkward and the rhythm feels forced. But, loyal BSB fans will likely enjoy hearing the band together again!

The Backstreet Boys’ upcoming album DNA will be available from January 25th 2019 via RCA Records, before the band head on their World Tour in May 2019. ‘Chances’ is available now via RCA Records.



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  1. Are you serious?? This is an amazing song. Totally different for bsb if u ask me, but it’s catchy, modern and the video is beautiful. Let’s not even mention their harmonies which have always been perfection.

  2. Compared to the first release this is million leagues better. When i started listening to the song i thought starting is bad until i heard what are the CHANCES, i seriously felt goosebumps. The songs that can make my heart tremble are amazing songs. I forgot the last time i felt goosebumps! At least not in last 2 years. So,, even though it’s partly amazing its really nice song

  3. Don go breaking My heart sucked., this one is better But just dont make it, and First single.
    Everytime in history I heard a new bsb song I got Happy and had a kick this serie to be over, they need max Martin, album this is us 2009 supreme!!

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