Review: The Killers – Land of the Free


A highly emotional political anthem for 2019.

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The Killers are back with their brand new, politically-charged anthem ‘Land of the Free’The new single speaks out about discrimination, injustice and gun control; simultaneously celebrating diversity in the US and criticising its current political landscape.

Lead singer Brandon Flowers shows no reluctance to sing openly about social issues – lyrics such as “incarceration’s become big business” don’t hide their message behind metaphor, but are instead a powerful call for change. The band doesn’t ignore their own privilege, singing “When I go out in my car, I don’t think twice / But if you’re the wrong colour skin / You grow up looking over both your shoulders” – an awareness that is not shown by every artist trying to mix music and politics.

Musically, this track is very different to some of the Killers’ previous albums, especially Hot Fuss.  But that isn’t to say this change is a bad thing.  It is catchy in all the right ways, as is typical with the band.

‘Land of the Free’ is the song that 2019 desperately needs; a wake-up call for any end of the political spectrum to show compassion and understanding.  Whether a song can have a real impact on politics, however, is another question.  In any case, the Killers are back, and they aren’t shying away from the relevant issues.

Land of the Free by The Killers is available now via Island Records.


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