Review: H.E.R. ft. Tone Stith – ‘Could’ve Been [Remix]’


The addition of Tone Stith to H.E.R.'s original track just takes a great track and makes it yet more sexy and sultry.

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If you have not heard of H.E.R. at this point, then you have most definitely been living under a rock; with co-signs from Alicia Keys, Rihanna and many other big-name artists, and nominations and wins from the most recent Grammy Awards, the rise of H.E.R. in the realm of R&B is something that cannot go without credit. On this song, H.E.R. enlists the help of Tone Stith – an artist who I had never heard of, but whose take on this song absolutely fits with the style that H.E.R. is going for.

The original version of ‘Could’ve Been’ featured Bryson Tiller, and his soft vocals blended in perfectly with H.E.R.’s enviable tone. In contrast, this remix provides a more sexy, sultry take on the track. Tone Stith has a phenomenal voice, so lets start there: after H.E.R. entices you into the song, you get so lost in it that when Tone Stith’s voice pops up out of nowhere it can take you by surprise (so for the people who like to listen to music with on full blast – beware!). Stith’s vocal ability is not something that we hear so much in mainstream music nowadays, and it makes me so happy to hear a guy showing off such vocal power, agility and versatility on a track. After hearing this remix, it’s almost impossible to resist going ahead and exploring his discography – and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Tone Stith reminds me of a modern-day Usher, with his falsetto being his main strength – even if it’s difficult to compare artists because they are unique in their own ways.

Nonetheless, both H.E.R. and Tone Stith deliver a modern day R&B gem, and following H.E.R.’s Grammy recogniton recently, this is definitely not the last we will hear of her (no pun intended). This remix sets the tone for R&B in today’s generation, and seeing as we live in a musical era that praises popularity over actual talent, it is refreshing to hear songs like this with artists who have both singing and songwriting capabilities.

‘Could’ve Been [Remix]’ is available now via RCA Records.


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