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Two Door Cinema Club’s newest single ‘Satellite’ comes shortly after the release of song and music video ‘Talk’, both further hinting at their heavily teased fourth album. Arriving just as the April heatwave leaves us, ‘Satellite’ is the perfect song to get you in the mood for summer. Think late afternoons into evenings, down the beach or in your garden with friends, having a good time as this electro-pop song fills the air. ‘Satellite’ starting with just that sentiment:



Then going on to say how together, possibly over summer, we can cherish time:

Be the exception (oh)

Pocket the time (oh)

Careful description (oh)

History made (oh)

We’re goin’ places

In it together

Along with ‘Talk’, both of Two Door Cinema Club’s newest anthems have very similar beats, synths and noises throughout. Both also have sounds reminiscent of earlier decades in music, with the alien-like noises sounded in the intro of ‘Satellite’ comparable to that of David Bowie’s 1971 ‘Andy Warhol’. This suggests a fourth album full of songs to ease us into summer, creating a noticeable style, much like their previous album Gameshow (released 2016).

Coming after a three-year silence, Gameshow saw Two Door Cinema Club return to Latitude 2017, taking them on to headline London’s Community Festival 2018 – their biggest show at that time. Just a few years on since re-establishing themselves in the indie-rock world of music, this summer sees Two Door Cinema Club lined-up to play up-and-coming Truck Festival, Victorious Festival and even Glastonbury. Despite this summer of busyness, they announced that UK tour dates will be released later today. So, keep your eyes peeled and Instagram’s at the ready for what Two Door Cinema Club has in-store!

‘Satellite’ is available now via Prolifica Inc.


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