Review: In My Room – Frank Ocean


Frank Ocean displays his new musical direction towards mumble rap and though this song was not as good as his other single 'DHL' it makes fans more excited for what is next to come.

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Again, Frank Ocean suddenly drops a new single, ‘In My Room’, without any announcement. This is the second drop within the last month with his other single ‘DHL’ becoming critically acclaimed. ‘In My Room’ furthers portrays Ocean’s new musical direction as instead of the smooth beautiful vocals we are used to he decides to go towards mumble rap, making his music slightly more mainstream.

Lyrics to his new track nod to rough sex, luxury life and the effects of fame on relationships, this is also echoed in DHL leading fans to believe this could be a common theme throughout his highly anticipated third studio album (release date unconfirmed). “You won’t flinch when camera’s flashing, flashing, no fake laid back, no its natural”, emphasises the effects of fame on relationships, for an artist who is known to be shy of celebrity life this lyric strikes a cord as he is no longer able to hide from fame.

This song teases fans of what to expect from Frank Ocean and though I personally do miss the slow and chill beats of Blonde I am looking forward to hear what is to come next from Ocean.

Check out ‘In My Room’ via Blonded.


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