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Lost for words - not in a good way.

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British rockers Bring Me the Horizon have released a new song called ‘Ludens’ the track is for the upcoming Death Stranding: Timefall soundtrack (a video game). I haven’t listened to Bring Me the Horizon in years, and their latest release has left me confused and reminds me of why I do not listen to them anymore. It’s not that the song is bad, it’s just incredibly odd. Aspects of the song sound like ‘Pop’ by *NSYNC, except the heavier edition.

Its highly pop influenced but also goes back to their Sempiternal roots making it a confusing combination but shows Bring Me the Horizon’s ability to transform and change their sound. It features a balance between their newer electropop sound and ‘metalcore’ sound, which I am sure fans will love. An impressive trait for a band that has been about for so many years.

The guitar and drums in ‘Ludens’ show the bands musicality, lyrically was not very impressive but Bring Me fans will eat it up either way. A prime example of the cringey lyrics is shown in the line “sticks and stones may break my bones but soon the sting will pass”, it’s a good message, but an overused line which Rihanna already perfected in ‘S&M’ so doesn’t need to be remodelled any further.

The song comes at the perfect time with the chorus chanting ‘we need a new leader’, and with the upcoming general election I will use this as an opportunity to remind everyone to vote.

Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Ludens’ is out now via Sony Music Entertainment UK.


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