Review – Grimes: ‘4ÆM’


Grimes delivers her hypnotic new single and does not disappoint.

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Grimes‘ new single ‘4ÆM’ is set to be included on the soundtrack of Cyberpunk 2077, a game in which Grimes features as a character. The single is also an introduction to her new album Anthropocene, which is to be released in February 2020.

In her new album, Grimes is aiming to channel an “anthropomorphic Goddess of climate change”, which explains the dark and psychedelic atmosphere that her new single creates.

This single oozes everything that is ethereal, for instance Grimes’ spirit-like voice echoes across the track and creates a hypnotic aura. The mix of her voice and the drum and bass in the song suits the performer’s futuristic style, and makes it a very suitable fit for the cyberpunk game.

Throughout the single, Grimes has sampled the song ‘Deeewani Mastani’, which is a Middle Eastern track from the movie Bajirao Mastani, a film that Grimes has personally stated her love for. It is enjoyable to see that the artist isn’t afraid to incorporate her personal inspirations into her music.

This Middle Eastern influence manages to mix with a 90s rave-like sound within the song which makes it entirely unique; Grimes has mastered the ability to mix together genres that are seemingly poles apart.

Overall, the single is completely appropriate for the atmosphere of the new Cyberpunk video game, as well as holding onto Grimes’ identity.

Grimes’ ‘4ÆM’ is out now via 4AD Ltd.


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